There has never been a busier time to be a banker. Consumers are desperately looking for loan forbearance; meanwhile, small business owners are trying to keep their businesses open, staff employed and bills paid. And financial institutions are stuck in the middle trying to manage their net interest margin (NIM) while meeting the overwhelming demands of the market.

Wolters Kluwer has partnered with Deluxe to provide an exciting solution to help banks and credit unions manage this demand. Our solution, Engage, is a SaaS-based tool that equips banks and credit unions with a method to assess and prioritize opportunities to meet the needs of their consumer and small business clients (and prospects). Here is how each solution works:

  • Engage for Consumers delivers safe, efficient when-you-need-it access to your branch officers by offering SaaS appointment scheduling for consumers. Your client fills out a web-based form, which flows to the appropriate branch officer and your marketing team so they can contact the client or reschedule the appointment.
  • Engage for Small Business is a turnkey solution that helps you gather the vital information you need to assess, rank and prioritize lending opportunities so you can funnel clients and prospects to the right resource to meet their needs.

This program does not require system integrations and can be launched within 24 hours. Each solution is available individually or as part a bundle. Deluxe can even help with your marketing outreach (if needed), including SMS text, static ads, social media and email outreach. Fill out the form to the right so we can shift your team from being order takers to strategic advisors that are positioned to build long-term partnerships.

Learn how Deluxe can help manage incoming consumer or small business requests more efficiently:

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