Deluxe Strategic Sourcing

22-28% Savings on Daily Consumables and Resources

When you use Deluxe Strategic Sourcing to optimize your branch purchasing, you’ll see real savings on the items you buy and on the expenses it takes to run your purchasing operation. Take advantage of this proven cost-management strategy and drive your efficiency ratio down, down, down!

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Use our handy calculator tool to estimate your savings and you’ll see why so many institutions rely on us. The potential for savings is significant – just ask our clients.

For over two years we have seen expense reduction. We enjoy working with the staff members and supply ordering could not be easier.”  — Marty Regan, SVP Operations, Merchants & Marine Bank, Pascagoula, MS

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Get buying power like the big banks.

Thanks to Deluxe’s massive buying power and purchasing expertise, you’ll get the best products for the best prices in categories such as:

  • Financial supplies
  • TAX, HR, HIPAA forms and products
  • Checks and deposit supplies
  • Equipment cleaning items
  • Office supplies
  • Promotional items

“Our DSS account manager continues to give us great service and offers money-saving advice whenever he sees something we could do differently.”— Andrea Shepherd, CFO, First Western Bank, Rogers, AR

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Custom portal for super savings.

Now you can have the ability to standardize, manage, and control your purchases through a centralized ordering portal customized to your objectives.

The portal offers you:

  • Easy-to-use catalogs with images
  • The ability to standardize consumables across your enterprise
  • Print-on-demand opportunities with online proofing capability
  • Restricted accesses and order limits where needed for control
  • Reports that identify your opportunities to save even more

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“After more than a year of excellent service and a savings of more than 20 percent the first year, saying the bank is pleased is an understatement.”  Darla Rooke, President & CFO, Junction National Bank, Junction, TX.  

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